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$ 500.00

This 4 shaft 6 treadle LeClerc Nilus loom has been donated to WGM. This jack loom is in good condition and is probably from the early 1970s. 36” weaving width with 4 reeds (4, 5, 10 and 12 dent). Dimensions 36” deep, 43” high, 43” wide. 27” deep when folded. Crank is missing, but LeClerc still in business, so could be replaced. An uncommon feature of this loom is the second warp beam. This is used when you have two separate warps to manage, as when using a supplementary warp, or a turned draft. Loom located in New Brighton. Bench, raddle and 3 lease sticks included. Sales tax will be added to the $500 purchase price.

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