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$ 1,200.00

Mira Nilus Leclerc Loom Floor Loom

Great condition. Additional accessories. Mechanisms: Counterbalance Shafts: 4 Weaving Width: 45" Features: Similar to the Fanny but without folding back beam. Early versions were refered to as "Series M" looms before Leclerc started naming looms. Around 1955 Leclerc started referring to the loom as the "Mira" about the time the ratchet brake was replaced with a friction brake on the warp beam. Estimated Age: We believe 80’s model "Mira" was discontinued in 1986 and later replaced by the Mira II in 2000. Serial Number Prefixes: "M- Approximate Measurements:: 142” wide 134” tall 3” deep

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