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$ 400.00

This older loom is built for everything from rugs to fine cloth. The frame is especially sturdy with cog brakes to withstand the high warp tension needed for rugs. The folding X frame allows the heddles and reed to be threaded at a comfortable eye level, front or back. It also collapses the loom to a smaller depth when not in use, which is unusual in a rug loom – 44” open, 32” folded. The 4 harnesses lift out and have spring latches to make moving the number of heddles from one harness to another easy – a benefit for pattern weaving. A 5 dent reed and 2 shuttles are included. The back beam is sectional. New Texsolv tie ups have been added to the 6 treadles, pins included. The loom measures 58” wide from side to side.

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