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(612) 940-7903
Savage, MN
$ 1,000.00

Maple, 12 treadles, excellent condition. Beautiful weave. Includes 1 rag shuttle, 1 rug shuttle, pick up stick, 3 boat shuttles and bobbins, 7 stick shuttles, Slye hooks. Reed is #10 Whitaker reed co. Worcester, Massachusetts,slight rust on reed against wall but none on loom. Reeds are 45 1/4 inches wide. Two lease wood sticks 3 feet long. Shafts move freely with no sticking. Height from floor is 37 inches, the depth when fully open is 33 1/2, when folded in it is 26 3/4. Width is 53 inches. The rattle is 42 inches and the warping board is 37 1/2 by 29 1/2. This is an excellent loom that will not disappoint. I have made beautiful shawls, table runners, men's fine woven scarves and much more. I am including books on weaving.
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