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Contact Vonnie Swanson
Minneapolis, Minnesota
$ 10.00

Teach yourself to braid or start a rug braiding class with these wonderful supplies: Illustrated Braiding Instructions by Verna Cox, Braidmastery Book of Instructions and Rug Patterns, How To Make An Oval Rug, ....A Stair Tread, Beautiful Butting, 3-Way Braid Aids, Braidcrafters, Braid Clamp, Adjustable Vari-Folder, Braidkin Lacers, rolls of Lacing Thread, custom designed braid stands 'ducks' which hold your braid at a convenient height for ease and comfort while braiding, boxes of wool many of which have already been cut into strips, sewn and rolled into spirals ready for braiding, several wool blankets. Antique oval rug 9x12, heart rug, several area rugs and chair pads. I can help you learn to braid before moving to CA on Sep.16.
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