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Excelsior, MN
$ 1,200.00

52.5” Floor Loom; 45.5” Weaving Width; 9.75” steel heddles
(1) Reed; (10) Dent; (4) Jacks; (6) treadles/harnesses
Back beam pivots for easy threading
Includes custom made bench with storage compartment, lease stick,
various shuttles and warping wheel
Clean, lubricated and ready to weave!

Loomcraft was a small company in Littleton, Colorado where John Post lovingly hand built looms from the 1950’s to around 2007. This is a Jack loom which is more compact and therefore is more compact than countermatch or counterbalance style looms. The treadles pull down on the lams that jack up the harnesses to lift the threads in the pattern. It is designed for front to back warping. The back beam folds up for easy threading access.

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