WGM Artisan Sale: Plied, Dyed & Woven

Save the Date! The Weavers Guild of Minnesota Artisan Sale: Plied, Dyed & Woven

Shop hand woven, hand dyed, and hand spun goods made here in Minnesota

April, 2021

History & Heritage Center, Minnesota State Fairgrounds

1841 W Dan Patch Ave, St Paul

The WGM Artisan Sale: Plied, Dyed, & Woven, formerly known as “Fiber Fair,” features the highest quality handmade items made by the skilled members of the Weavers Guild of Minnesota. Join us for two days in the beautiful new History & Heritage Center on the Minnesota State Fairgrounds.

The Artisan Sale offers WGM members a chance to sell their items in a collective sale atmosphere, with low fees to participate balanced by a shared volunteer effort to ensure the sale’s success. WGM’s Fiber Fair started more than forty years ago, but was on hiatus in 2019. Read More—>

Artisan Sale is a NO GO for October 2020

The WGM Artisan Sale Committee has made the difficult but unanimous decision that the Oct 16-17, 2020 Artisan Sale is a NO GO due primarily to COVID-19 related concerns.

Our go-forward plan is two-fold:

  1. The sale has been rescheduled to April 30 – May 1, 2021. This date is already being held for us by the Minnesota State Fair.
  2. The Committee unanimously agreed to look at the feasibility of hosting an online sale. We began these conversations mid-July, in anticipation of the likelihood of having to cancel an in-person event. READ MORE—>

Web Marketplace Specialist Needed

WGM is evaluating the feasibility of implementing an online Marketplace capability. Due to COVID-19 we’ve had to cancel our in-person fall sale and are interested in providing an online venue for our members to sell their goods.

Our timeline is to complete the evaluation within the next 30 days – by August 15th. If we decide to proceed, our target would be to have the Marketplace up and operational by October 17th. READ MORE—>

History of the Annual Sale 

The annual Weavers Guild of Minnesota sale has been a staple for members and the community alike. The History of the Weavers Guild of Minnesota 1940-1990 by Jean Seeker mentions numerous iterations of a guild sale, including the first guild-sponsored sale in the spring of 1956. At that time, the organization expected each member to donate at least one piece of work, but also encouraged members to sell their own wares, with the Guild receiving 25% of proceeds. In the fall of 1956, they held another sale where the goods were all made from materials provided by the Guild, and the labor of weaving was provided by the members. There was a demonstration area, where community members were encouraged to try their hand at weaving, and then could take home a sample of their handmade work. READ MORE—>

Plied, Dyed, and Woven: Why the New Name?

The Weavers Guild re-envisioning team has been hard at work to refresh and update our annual sale, including considering (and choosing) a new venue and making the sale a shorter 2-day format. One of the things we needed was a new name that would more accurately reflect what this sale is about – you, our members.  READ MORE—>

Artisan Sale: What’s New and Different

The new location of the Artisan Sale is in the History & Heritage Center on the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. One of the first things that you’ll notice is the large number of windows and glass doors letting in a lot of natural light. When you walk inside, you will also see that there are clerestory windows adding to that light. With the change in event date to mid-October, there will be plenty of that daylight since we will still be on Daylight Savings Time. Perhaps we will be treated to fabulous fall weather and have some open doors as well. READ MORE—>

We need your help with the WGM 2020 Artisan Sale!

For over 40 years our Guild has held a sale of members’ hand woven, hand spun, and hand dyed work. The annual sale is run by our members and for our members. The massive volunteer effort is what makes the sale so successful, as it keeps event costs reasonable for the Guild while forging bonds between our members. We need your help now. We need seven members willing to lead the event committees, including a volunteer co-chair for 2020. Without a co-chair, the sale can’t go forward. READ MORE—>

Revised Categories

We have had a significant amount of feedback from our Members and Customers over the past several years of Fiber Fair. Our participants and our customers told us they want to see more handmade work: Plied (hand spun), Dyed (hand dyed) and Woven (hand woven) goods. We are laser focused on showcasing goods aligned with our sale’s purpose & guild’s mission, all items hand made by our members. Download a pdf of the WGM Artisan Sale