Join Us: March 25, 11am-2pm

Swing by WGM on Friday March 25 to meet WGM’s new staff addition, Paige Tighe, and to introduce yourself. (Feel free to bring a project that shows what you can do!) We’ll provide treats and coffee and you provide a warm welcome. Please RSVP to Karin, so we know how many cookies to bring.

Can’t make it? Email Paige at to make your introduction. Thanks for being such an invested community and for valuing the efforts, time and talents of your staff.

MORE INFO: Welcome, Paige Tighe!

We are thrilled to announce WGM’s new Engagement & Administrative Specialist, Paige Tighe. With many qualified (and enthusiastic) candidates to choose from, we felt grateful to find someone who was as excited to work at the Weavers Guild as we were to hire them!

Meet Paige Tighe: Paige is an artist and educator with a decade’s worth of administrative experience. She loves to travel and learn about local craft histories. Paige had the opportunity to experience SAORI weaving in Japan a few years ago and can’t wait to go back. She loves weaving on a floor loom and is excited to sell you all the yarn you need (and want) for your next weaving project.

Paige will be full-time, managing our retail store and providing a friendly face and knowledgeable advice to everyone who reaches out to WGM. She’ll also be giving much-needed administrative support to our senior staff, Operations Manager Karin Knudsen and Education Manager Betsy Konop. Paige will work closely with Betsy and Karin to ensure WGM continues to meet your shop, education, outreach and membership needs. This position is critical to allow WGM to thrive as the largest weaving & spinning guild in the country.

Paige mentioned in her first week, “When I first started taking classes at the guild, I remember thinking, ‘I wish I could work here.'” Welcome!