//Weavers Guild of Minnesota in the Star Tribune @NL_mn @starTribune #northernspark

Weavers Guild of Minnesota in the Star Tribune @NL_mn @starTribune #northernspark

2018-06-19T10:32:39+00:00 June 19th, 2018|News|


The Weavers Guild of Minnesota was thrilled to participate in Northern Spark this year. An estimated 200,000 attendees participated in the event and had the opportunity to try their hand at a rigid heddle backstrap loom with a partner! Backstrap weaving—a tradition of the Mayans that continues today in many parts of the world—requires the use of your body to hold the tension needed to weave. In the Ties that Bind, we challenge you to hold that tension with a partner as you take turns weaving a yarn and a story together, finding balance and unity in that tension. There’s also a solo option where you can get the hang of your weft and warp as you find your own balance of tension. Drop in to try your hand at continuing the thread of event-goers before you and be a part of the Ties that Bind. #tiesthatbindmn

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