//Some Changes in the Rigid Heddle Study Group

Some Changes in the Rigid Heddle Study Group

2018-07-02T11:57:09+00:00 July 2nd, 2018|News|

Hi, Heddlers. Are you surviving this weather? A reminder, in the dead of winter, I guess, is to “watch out what you wish for”…..

I’m contacting you to tell you about some changes in the Rigid Heddle Study Group…..I have so enjoyed working with you and getting to know you, but I just am unable to continue with the evening sessions. My energy flags by late afternoon, and I can’t really participate much in evening activities.

The good news is that Carol Delak, who has been so helpful in handling many of your weaving questions, has agreed to take over the role of coordinating the group. She lives in Becketwood, not far from where I live, in a large cooperative that has very nice meeting facilities

To start with, the RH group will go “on vacation” for July and August, while Carol firms up her plans. She and I have talked and we, along with Beth Bowman, the Executive Director of the Weavers Guild, agree that a study group needs a strong core of some 10 members, and the focus of the group needs support from teachers in the Guild to help grow the membership. Carol and I will be working with Beth to secure that support. We also want to further publicize the existence of the group, as many Heddlers don’t know about it.

Carol will be in touch with you as September approaches to work with you on days and times, and to explain how her co-op works. She is hoping to be able to have firm meeting dates without having to cancel the day before. I know she has other plans that will add to the base the “Primary Group” has established.

So I thank you for your interest and I wish you well in the Fall. I know you will have a great group under Carol’s leadership.

-Bonnie Buzza