We hear it in the stories you tell us. Of always wanting to learn to weave but how life got in the way. Until now. About a handmade spinning wheel passed down in the family, and displayed only as decoration, and how determined you are to use it.

We know the valuable role the Weavers Guild of Minnesota plays in the lives of our members, students and supporters, because we see it on your faces every time you walk into WGM. We know it from the stories you tell us, such as this one, from a member who joined in the 70s:

“I came in at 40 to be a rug weaver after a friend introduced me to the guild. It became ‘the answer to everything,’ where I could take classes, workshops, go to meetings and retreats. It became my social world–I could not have imagined that.”

Our work is about Community. And we’re so thankful you’re a part of it. With your support, the Weavers Guild of Minnesota will continue to provide:

  • A wide and evolving range of classes in weaving, spinning, dyeing and other techniques, for beginning to advanced-level fiber artists
  • Well-maintained specialty equipment–floor looms, wheels, warping boards, bobbins and shuttles and so much more–for classes and member use
  • A place to share your passion with others who are equally passionate: where you can meet and connect with other fiber artists and appreciators in a shared learning environment

Your financial gift ensures WGM will continue to thrive.

You can make a donation on our website, or support WGM on Give to the Max from now through Thursday, November 15.

On behalf of the Weavers Guild of Minnesota’s board of directors, staff, members, students and appreciators: Thank you for your support!