///Young Design Students Visit the Guild

Young Design Students Visit the Guild

2016-06-02T12:57:17+00:00 October 21st, 2014|Outreach|

On October 2, seven young design students visited the Weavers Guild for a two-hour class by Wynne Mattila and Katherine Buenger.  The students were home-schooled kids, a number of them in the state PSEO (Post-secondary enrollment options) program.  The class was taught by Cher Baumhoefner.  The students started with a tour of the Textile Center and Weavers Guild before settling in to discussion with Wynne and Katherine.  The tables in the sample room were covered with weavings and yarn, a mass of color and inspiration.  In Wynne’s discussion of color in design she stressed, “Whatever your field — interior design, for example — don’t limit yourself to books in that field.  Look at quilt books, go to museums, be inspired by color.”  She went on to discuss the use of color in her art form of choice, rugs.  When Katherine Buenger began her portion, she contrasted her work with Wynne’s.  “I don’t have my one thing – like rugs.  In my work, I like to put surprises in things.”  To demonstrate the element of surprise, she held up a drop spindle on which she was spinning a sparkly tissue paper thread.


After the lecture portion, the students each wove a short piece on the two Baby Wolf looms set up for their use.  Hands-on weaving was a big hit. 

Thank you to Wynne and Katherine for sharing their expertise and enthusiasm, and to Melba Granlund and Peggy Baldwin for sharing of their time to warp the looms.