WGM2025 Plan
Member Involvement Opportunities

Are you invested in seeing the Guild thrive for years to come? Curious about how programming comes together or in researching program topics? Are you interested in seeing the Guild serve a broader array of Minnesotans? We have a range of task forces and short-term projects to help us meet these goals and we need your help!

WGM leaders are enthusiastic and eager to involve members in bringing the goals and objectives of the WGM2025 Strategic Plan to life. By serving on a task force or short-term project team, members will ensure a dynamic and sustainable future for this beloved organization. If you have a passion for the Guild, read on for opportunities to work with others to support WGM2025.


After a year of successful digital programming that enabled us to reach more Minnesotans and a recognition that our data systems and technology are in need of an upgrade, we seek members to serve on two technology task forces. The work of these task forces will set the foundation to create more opportunities for Guild members and serve weavers, spinners, and dyers across the state.

Technology Task Force: Members of the technology task force will work with staff to evaluate WGM’s current systems, identify opportunities to build efficiencies, and research and implement new systems and procedures.

Data Task Force: Members of the data task force will work with staff to gather and analyze education and member data. Insights from this work will inform decision making around programming, membership offerings, and budgeting.


In tandem with these efforts are shorter, project-focused opportunities:

ADA Audit: Work with staff and the DEIA* Committee to update WGM’s ADA accessibility audit of its physical spaces.

Organizational DEIA (diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility) Assessment: Using a tool provided by our strategic planning consultants, partner with staff and the DEIA Committee to assess current policies and practices to measure for equity, inclusiveness, and accessibility.

Program Accessibility Audit: Assist staff and the Education Committee in auditing programming, classroom spaces, and digital learning spaces to identify areas of opportunity and improvement. The goal is to make our programming more accessible to a broader range of students and members.

Global Practices Research: Assist staff and the Education Committee in researching and identifying techniques, tools, and opportunities that represent a wider breadth of global weaving, spinning, and dyeing practices. Research artisans, instructors, and communities present within Minnesota.

Curriculum Development: Work with staff and the Education Committee to develop WGM-held curriculum for three popular beginning weaving classes.

Instructor Training: Work with staff and the Education Committee to develop an instructor training program to onboard five new instructors.

*Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility

Each area is critical to ensure the Guild’s continued success, relevance, and existence. Not only does this work further the goals of the WGM2025 Strategic Plan, it is an opportunity for members to meaningfully contribute to the Guild while connecting with others. We welcome anyone with an interest, experience, and/or skills set to contribute.

Look for more details and information on how to get involved in future issues of The Draft members’ newsletter. We hope you will join WGM leaders and other members in this important and exciting work!

To connect with someone now, email: info@weaversguildmn.org