This weekend marked recognition of our newest staff member, Jennifer Nicklay, and an exhibit of member artist Judy Larson at the Hudson Hospital.

Celebration One

IMG_9719On Friday evening instructors and board members gave Jennifer an official, and lovely, greeting.  The sun shone in the windows of the Spinning Room as friends gathered to eat a beautiful salmon platter, crackers and cheeses.  We quizzed Jennifer a bit.  She revealed that her major was Biology, Social Justice, and Global Studies, and she had no idea she would end up as an arts administrator.  Her work at EPIC, a medical software company, was not really along the lines of her major either.  “But they take anyone with a certain GPA,” Jennifer explained.  Jennifer just finished her third week at the Weavers Guild, but the first “normal” one, a week when both she and Becky were in the office, and no one was sick.  (BTW, Archer and Becky are both feeling wonderfully healthy now.) Our treasurer, Karen Hovermale, was very concerned that Jennifer get her paycheck despite Becky’s absence.  “I wasn’t worried, but everyone else was,” Jennifer noted. In general, Jennifer is quite happy in her new position.  She gets to talk with people all day instead of working in a hole in the basement, as she described her last office.

We discovered that Jennifer knows about llamas.  As a result of the reception, I now know that if you can get a llama in the back of an SUV, it will sit down and be just fine.  Also, they are super-protective animals and can kill a wolf with one kick.  If you haven’t had a chance to meet Jennifer, please stop in the Guild at your earliest convenience.  Tell her about classes you would like to take – or just talk about llamas!


Celebration Two

IMG_9728On Sunday Guild members were lucky to hear Judy Larson talk about her rugs on display at the Hudson Hospital.  Many of the attendees were from the Scandinavian Weavers Interest Group and the Rag Rug Weavers Study Group, but weavers or not, everyone found her discussion of the pieces interesting.  Her very large variegated green rug (behind her in the photo) was woven from crazy fabric with 16″ panes of pumpkins and sunflowers; a vast improvement, I’m sure all the viewers agreed.  Judy snatched up twenty years of the fabric at 99 cents per yard.  But twenty yards?  That’s nothing.  The large rug with stripes of lavender used nearly 56 yards of fabric.

After the talk, and after viewing the rugs and the works of other artists on display at the hospital, the group drove another eight miles into Wisconsin for a reception at Color Crossing, the shop owned by Guild member Patty Johnson.  There we were able to see the giant looms that Judy uses for her rugs, and the elaborate drawlooms that Patty uses to make delicate and complex fabric.

If you missed this opportunity, there is still time to see Judy’s rugs on display, through April 12.  And any trip to Color Crossing is rewarding and inspiring; plan a spring trip to stock up on yarn and ideas.

Note that the loom behind Judy is so large that it has a seat that zooms from side to side.

Note that the loom behind Judy is so large that it has a seat that zooms from side to side

Patty Johnson beside the drawloom

Patty Johnson beside the drawloom

Patty Johnson through the drawloom

Patty Johnson through the drawloom