The Weavers Guild of Minnesota is one of the largest and oldest guilds in the country, providing inspiration, education, and community for more than 80 years. A national resource for weaving, spinning and dyeing, we are known for our fantastic faculty, on-site resources, and commitment to sharing knowledge. Would you like to shape its direction as we move forward?
The Weavers Guild is seeking volunteers to serve on the Board of Directors. Finding the right leaders to shepherd the Guild is essential to the health and viability of the organization. To that end, we are reaching out to see if you, or someone you know, have the requisite skills and are interested in filling this critical role. Our organization’s strength depends on steady, vibrant and innovative leadership.
In the next fiscal year, we have a number of positions opening on the Board, including the President-Elect, Treasurer, and Secretary along with some At-Large seats. Board terms begin in September, following the board election at the Annual Meeting on May 20, 2021.
The President Elect learns the business of the Board in their first year, assumes the role of Board President in their second, and remains to guide the board a third year. This position requires the ability to lead, experience with strategic plan implementation, as well as facilitation, management, and delegation skills. This three-year term of service helps bring stability to the leadership of WGM.
A key financial role is the Board‘s Treasurer, who acts as the custodian of the Guild’s finances. This position requires knowledge of accounting as well as bookkeeping practices, and good organization and communication skills. The Treasurer serves a two year term.
The Secretary records and publishes the official business of the board. An effective Secretary has excellent communication skills and is comfortable with technology and project/document management. WGM’s Secretary serves for two years.
In addition to the officers of the Board, WGM is also seeking volunteers to serve as Board Members At-Large. These positions support the work of WGM, providing leadership and governance. They also serve on key committees and act as ambassadors for the Guild. A number of current directors are re-running to serve another term; we have a maximum of 6 positions that can be filled with new and incumbant members. Members at Large serve for two years. Please contact us to learn more.
We are dedicated to expanding diversity within our organization, meeting the needs of our expanding community, and being an equitable and inclusive organization that welcomes all. We are looking for volunteers who will bring fresh perspectives and work closely with staff to guide our guild and continue its success.
If you are interested and would like more information, please contact a member of the WGM Nominating Committee. We have position descriptions we can share with you and can answer more questions about service. Please act now! With the election coming up in May, we need to hear from you by April 5 so we can move forward with your candidacy.
Thank you for your consideration,
WGM’s Nominating Committee
Celeste Grant,, Chair
Gayle Groebner,
Ann Johnson,
Wynne Mattila,