///A Seasonal Spinning Success

A Seasonal Spinning Success

2016-06-02T12:57:36+00:00 November 4th, 2014|Member News|

Looking for a novel source of fiber to spin? Chillon Leach did, and found … Halloween spider web!

Weavers Guild spinners are no strangers to the use of unconventional fibers.  For example, teaching artist Katherine Buenger will teach a class next March, “A New Spin on Paper.”  Telephone book yarn, anyone?

Last week Chillon Leach took a usual walk around through her neighborhood, but took the unusual step of examining the spider-web-like Halloween decorations in her neighbor’s yard.  “Hmmm…. it’s so stretchy, it’s so crimped, I could spin with that,” she thought.  More specifically she though it would make a great addition to a wool fleece, and that the resulting yarn would be bouncy, stretchy, and great for socks.


Chillon is a spinner of action, not just of idle imagination, so she invested 99 cents in a bag of the spooky netting and headed for the electric drum carder at the Weavers Guild, along with a purple-dyed fleece.  After a productive day of carding and spinning experimentation, a beautiful purple skein of yarn emerged, made sparkly with silver thread accents.

As predicted, the yarn was bouncy and stretchy – a seasonal success!  And Chillon noted that there are so many other uses for the material – perhaps for a Dance of the Seven Veils?