We are thrilled to share updates on the annual fall sale, relaunching in 2020. The Revisioning Team, led by Cathie Mayr and other past sale participants, has been working hard this winter, considering potential dates, looking at possible venues, and talking over how to make the event its best. While there are a number of details still to work out, consider this email your personal invitation to participate and shop at the new revamped sale!

Introducing: the WGM Artisan Sale: Plied, Dyed & Woven 

The Weavers Guild of Minnesota Annual Sale

October 16-17, 2020

History & Heritage Center, Minnesota State Fairgrounds

1841 W Dan Patch Ave, St Paul, MN  55108


The WGM Artisan Sale: Plied, Dyed, & Woven, formerly known as “Fiber Fair,” features the highest quality handmade items made by the skilled members of the Weavers Guild of Minnesota. Join us for two days in the beautiful new History & Heritage Center on the Minnesota State Fairgrounds.


Change in Name

The name Fiber Fair had a long history of association with the sale. However, as we heard from many of today’s shoppers, the name didn’t clearly articulate that the event was a sale of handmade goods. Fiber implied there would be fleeces for sale; to some, Fair meant there might be live sheep!


For a fresh start, the team chose a new name that speaks to the work, is clearly identified with the guild, and uses Artisan Sale to communicate the quality of items and that they are for sale. While we are in a period of adjustment, you’ll continue to see both Fiber Fair and Plied, Dyed & Woven in the advertising. We want to ensure our very passionate customers are able to find us and support you, the artists, with their purchases.


Change in Venue

We are thrilled to announce the sale will be held at the History & Heritage Center at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. After touring the new building, it’s clear this will be an exciting shift in space, and a place where we can have the sale for years to come.


In selecting a new venue, the committee considered the following factors, among others:  price, square footage, parking, and accessibility for artists and shoppers. Importantly, we also asked: Could we see ourselves using this space in the future? Of the nearly 20 spaces we considered, the History & Heritage Center fit our specs most clearly. We are grateful for our years at Northrup King, but excited to showcase our members’ work in this new space.


Change in Dates: 

Feedback from many of you indicated that it was important that this remain a fall sale. However, the weather of early November has its unpredictability. We moved the sale to mid-October in search of better weather, and to pre-date many of the sales leading into the heavy retail season. Please save the dates!


Where do we go from here?

Of course, with an event this big, there are many, many details that still need to be worked out. In the coming weeks, the team is working to restructure the event committees, rethink and plan our marketing, and finalize any other changes. Then we can begin the fun work of publicizing and sharing how-to articles in the Draft, and prepping for the event.


Most importantly, we are seeking a co-chair for 2020. In leading this committee, Cathie Mayr has graciously volunteered to co-chair the 2020 event. However, she can’t do it alone. Would you or some other guild member be a good fit? Please consider how you will participate moving forward and let Cathie know right away if you are interested in co-chairing.


Thank you for your patience, and stay tuned for more info!


Karin, WGM Operations Manager

Cathie Mayr WGM Artisan Sale co-chair

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