Could you be our next Board President?

Our Board election for the next fiscal year is coming up this spring. We are seeking candidates to be our next President-elect. The President-elect is a key Board role, serving a strategic three-year term, first as a trainee, then as President, then as an advisor. In this position, you help lead our Board and staff in bringing our Strategic Plan WGM 2025 to life. 

Best of all:  You don’t need to be an expert weaver or spinner to lead our guild! We seek a President-elect with leadership, people and operational skills to guide us. By stepping forward, you become an expert on the inner workings of all things WGM and add to our incredible guild legacy. Leave with a sense that you’ve made a difference in our creative community. 

President-Elect Job Description

The Weavers Guild of Minnesota has a leadership opportunity. We are seeking a President-elect to join the Board of Directors for a three-year term starting September 1, 2022. Year one you will serve as President-elect, year two: President, year three: Past President.


This is the opportunity of a lifetime to partner with our current and past presidents as the Guild brings our 2025 Strategic Plan to life.  The three presidents, along with our Treasurer and Secretary, form the Executive Committee of the Board. As a member of the Executive Committee, our president-elect partners with a team of talented committee members along with our brilliant staff to pursue the guild’s Mission to preserve and advance the arts of weaving, spinning and dyeing.


If you’ve ever wanted to make a difference, be part of a creative and innovative community, and help honor the Guild’s rich history, this is the opportunity for you. It’s also a great way to develop leadership skills that apply to all aspects of life. Serving on the Board is rewarding on so many levels:  working closely with our committed staff, partnering with our committees and board to deliver our members the services and community they cherish, and being immersed in the fiber arts. 


Successful candidates for the president-elect position should have the following skillset.



  • Continue the Guild’s 82-year legacy by partnering with the Guild presidents and the Board in bringing the Guild’s Mission and 2025 Strategic Plan to life
  • Support and guide the Guild’s talented staff in serving our members
  • Partner with our stakeholders to strategically guide the Guild’s services to members, students and our community
  • Champion the Guild to internal and external stakeholders
  • Leading the Board in its oversight of the Guild, both fiscally and programmatically

Qualifications and Skills

  • Passion for the Guild’s Mission and work
  • Ability to collaborate with diverse groups and stakeholders
  • People management – committed to coaching, developing and supporting the Guild staff
  • Outstanding listener and communicator
  • Organized and accountable – delivers on commitments
  • Authentic
  • Adaptable – ability to pivot and adapt to change


Reach out to the head of our Nominating Committee (and current Past President), Linda Soranno by April 10 with your interest and to move forward with your candidacy.