We asked members of the Weavers Guild Board some questions about their weaving and spinning journey. Read on to get to know Busola Duroshola on a more personal–and creative–level.

Board Term: December 2018 – August 2020

Member since: May 2018

Craft of choice: Weaver with a dash of dye

Skills I bring to the Board: Background in operations management, administration, non-profits boards. Passion for education/culture/arts and ability to patiently listen, asses, and problem solve.

My weaving story: Born into a lineage of creative entrepreneurial women, becoming a textile artist had been woven into the fabric of my craft long before I threw my first shuttle pick on a loom. As a maker, my creations examine identity development, self-expression, and social constructs. Living between two cultures I continue to learn to co-exist; preserving my West African heritage while embracing my American life. At six years old my mother, two siblings and I moved to Minnesota, United States. This experience taught me to embrace unfamiliar communities with different social expectations. When I was thirteen my aunt, a tailor by trade, moved to Minnesota. The many hours spent in her studio rekindled my admiration of West African traditional textiles. Observing her customers, I realized first hand that textiles, tradition, and group belonging are a valuable part of honor ties to one another. Many who know my work intimately often describe me as a thinker, maker, and artist. My academic background is founded in textiles, printmaking, and graphic design. I have studied textiles internationally. My work explores intersections of identity, social status, and heritage. Using variations of material, weave construction, and finish each woven embodies the characteristics of its subject. As an avid learner, I values continual self-discovery through the arts.

Equipment of choice: 8H floor loom, jacquard loom or large lap loom; depending on how the wind blows!

Craft book I can’t live without: Weaving textiles that shape themselves (Ann Richards) + Seydou Keita (French)

If you looked in my stash, you’d find: indigo dyed raw silk yarn (leftover from a blanket I wove for a close friend who just had her first baby), heavy pvc yarn (from my thesis collection), and a Take 5 candy bar for the road!  

Best design advice I’ve received: If you’re quiet enough & keenly listen, you’ll hear textiles speak; exposing the secrets of their environment, maker and/or proprietor.

Project I’m most proud of: Master’s thesis collection entitled ‘I Am’.

Originally from W. Africa, I now live in MN.

Instagram handle: @my.kloth

Advice to new members: Get involved and find your tribe! Attend a meeting and/or consider joining a group; learn, share, grow.