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Save the Date: September 13 member Chiaki O’Brien speaks about Japan

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Thursday September 13, 2018
in the Textile Center Auditorium
6:30 presentation “Fiber Fair 101” with WGM Fiber Fair chairs
7:00 presentation “Fiber Lovers Enjoy Japan” with Chiaki O’Brien
8:00 show and tell

7pm presentation: “Fiber Lovers Enjoy Japan”
WGM member and native of Japan, Chiaki O’Brien coordinated a textile tour to Japan at the suggestion of another fiber loving friend. Nine people from Minnesota, South Dakota, and the Netherlands joined Chiaki on a 10 day tour of Osaka, Okayama and Kyoto in October 2017. They explored Japan while taking fiber workshops along the way, such as SAORI Weaving and Bengala Dyeing in Osaka and cotton spinning on old Japanese spinning wheels at an abandoned mountain school, now a B&B run by Chiaki’s friends. They visited temples and shrines in Kyoto and spent time browsing and shopping at a Japanese Antique Flea Market.

Relax and enjoy this armchair tour of a country rich in fiber traditions as Chiaki spins a modern tale of fiber friends abroad.

6:30pm presentation: “Fiber Fair 101”
There will be a Fiber Fair 101 class from 6:30-7:00 pm (just prior to the membership meeting) to review the procedures involving the tagging, logging, checking-in and checking-out of items for sale. The volunteer sign-up will also be discussed as well as any questions new or returning participants may have. The Fiber Fair chairs will be on-site to discuss and present.