Each month the Weavers Guild of Minnesota’s DRAFT recognizes new members. New members quickly learn about classes, Fiber Source, special interest groups, the library and member meetings. They may have heard mention of Fiber Fair, but may not understand what it is…

Every Fall for the past 44 years, WGM has provided guild members with an opportunity to showcase and sell their fiber art. Items offered for sale include handwoven, handspun, hand dyed and other fiber related items. Not only does Fiber Fair provide an opportunity for members to sell their work, but it also provides increased visibility for WGM.

Though this is not a juried sale, we encourage members to enter items that they are proud of. WGM seeks Fiber Fair items that reflect the level of craftsmanship and design that we teach and encourage in our classes. Our Fiber Fair marketing brings WGM before the public. We recruit new members by giving WGM class information to all our shoppers. What we sell are our best examples of what weaving, spinning and dyeing can be and what our customers could learn if they choose to join us and become members.

If you are a newer member, we welcome you to participate in Fiber Fair! Please consider becoming a participating artist, volunteer to help during the sale, or shop at the sale. Seeing the amazing variety of fiber art being produced by our members encourages all of us. First time participants pay no entrance fee and all entrants receive 74% of the proceeds from the sale of their items. The remaining 26% pays for the cost of hosting Fiber Fair with any remaining revenue supporting WGM.

Our 2018 sale will take place November 9-11 at the Northrup King Building (1500 Jackson St. NE, Minneapolis) so there is plenty of time for you to prepare for the sale. Further details are available on the WGM website under the resources tab or feel free to contact one of the 2018 co-chairs:

Brenda Andrewson                       

Madeline Shinbach

Barb Ungs