Calling all weavers, spinners, and dyers!
Our chosen crafts contain a minefield of misses, snags, and mix-ups. Expletives are part of weaving, spinning, and dyeing jargon. With challenges, though, come practical innovations and ingenious hacks. We’ve received many requests from members and students over the past few months inquiring about the merits of certain looms or spinning wheels, wondering how to get started, and requesting help when faced with a snag. In the absence of gathering and aiding one another in person, we would love your help!
The WGM Education team is asking you, WGM members, to share your ingenuity and knowledge and highlight your favorite techniques, hacks, and tools through photos, videos, worksheets, and more. Stumped? Here are some popular requests:
  • Equipment reviews – share a bit about your wheel, loom, & other favorite tools
  • Brief write-ups on tools, tips, and moments of insight that have made your process easier or more enjoyable
  • “How-to” videos or PDFs made using the camera feature on your smartphone
  • How to use a warping reel
  • How to repair a broken warp thread
  • How to spot and repair crossed warp threads
  • How to replace the drive band on a spinning wheel with string
  • How to get a drop spindle started
  • And more!
If you’re not sure how to go about this, we’re here to help! Please, don’t be shy about contributing! Contributions are welcome at: