Covid-19 Policies & Practices

Acknowledging that there is always an inherent risk of contracting Covid-19 while in public, the Weavers Guild of Minnesota is dedicated to providing services to the best of our ability while maintaining the health of our members, students, staff and instructors. We observe the following practices and policies during on-site activities:

  • In alignment with Textile Center policy, visitors, students, instructors, and staff are required to wear masks while on site.
  • Hand sanitizer is provided at building entryways, in the classrooms, and at the check-out counter. A restroom is available where students may wash their hands. Sterile gloves are available for students upon request. A building-wide bi-polar ionization generator provides ongoing air purification.
  • WGM instructors leading on-site classes are fully vaccinated. Students participating in on-site classes must be fully vaccinated. Please visit the State of Minnesota’s website to learn more about vaccinations and locate a provider. 
  • If you are enrolled in a current class and experiencing Covid-19 symptoms, stay home and contact
  • Reduced class sizes, shorter class durations, and social distancing remain in effect. In-class demonstrations will be projected onto a screen at the front of the classroom. Students will be provided with their own set of tools for the duration of their class.