///WGM Rag Rug Group & Bridging Minnesota: Doing Good!

WGM Rag Rug Group & Bridging Minnesota: Doing Good!

2017-09-14T07:55:37+00:00 September 14th, 2017|Outreach|

“Members of the Rag Rug group, Jackie Lind, Sylvia Markus and WGM member Jan Nelson met with Diana Dalsin, their Community Relations Manager, toured the Bridging facility in Bloomington and met their founder, Fran Heitzman.  He started the organization 30 years ago.  They have helped 85,000 households by supplying furniture and household items since 1987.  Fran is still active at over 90, and on-site at the Bloomington location 6 days a week. Rugs were woven with fabric donated by Ann Masemore.”

Nedra Granquist
Jo Hill
Judy Larson
Jackie Lind
Jan Nelson
Steve Pauling
Ellen Richard
Martha Riel

Rugs donated by Jackie Lind and Martha Riel were donated as Silent Auction items for their October 13 Gala.  The other rugs were added to Bridging’s inventory for client selection.  We know the rugs will be treasured items for their new owners. We encourage members to check out Bridging’s web-site and consider donating items to their Bloomington or Roseville location http://www.bridging.org