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WGM Annual Membership Update 5/2017

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Update! We are separating our membership and giving programs to better serve you and our 501c3 non profit mission to preserve and advance the arts of weaving, spinning and dyeing. These updates will improve program quality, security and comply with IRS charity accounting obligations and financial reporting and accounting standards.

Why do I have to do this?
The IRS has guidelines for charitable giving for 501c3 non profit organizations. The current program blends these two functions, which is confusing and hard to administer both for the participants and WGM. Accountants and financial advisors recommend keeping these two functions separate to comply with IRS guidelines.

I thought my membership was a donation. What gives?
Memberships are not considered a donation because one receives a benefit in return. Your membership supports the guild programming, but is not a straight donation because benefits are received. You are unable to claim your membership on your taxes.

I love WGM and would like to be both a member AND give monthly. What now?
Thank you! Please pay your annual dues online, via phone or at WGM as you normally would. Your annual dues are $50 for one year, or $25 for those 30 and under. Then, sign up for monthly (or other types of) giving via safe and secure PayPal. (WGM has non profit account status, so the fees are minimal). You have the ability to control the amount, frequency and start and stop dates and reporting of your monthly giving directly via PayPal.

I still don’t get the IRS charitable laws. Now what?
WGM is not able to give out tax advice. Please consult with your tax accountant or advisor for specific and current laws and guidelines as they may pertain to you and your situation. If you are lower income and can not afford tax services, we recommend nearby non-profit Prepare + Prosper for assistance.

I just started giving via PayPal. Can I continue that donation and pay you for a membership? Yes. Membership will be accepted in full moving forward.

I signed up for a “sustaining membership” within the last year. How much do I owe for my membership? Do I have to pay for a full year?
Your membership will continue for the remainder, in a total of 12 months. At that point you will transition to annual membership program of $50 in full for a full year of benefits. Yes, $5 monthly “payments” on the $50 annual membership are no longer an option ($5 per month actually equals $60 a year for membership anyhow).

Does this mean I’ll receive membership renewal notices again?
Yes! WGM will contact you by email to let you know when your membership is expiring. Memberships are good for one full year of benefits

Thank you for your understanding as we update our membership structure. We greatly appreciate your support!

Still have questions? Please contact WGM Executive Director, Beth Bowman at bbowman@weaversguildmn.org for more info.