Have you logged your Volunteer hours?

Volunteers support a wide variety of activities for the Weaver’s Guild of Minnesota and range from demonstrating fiber arts at community events to helping with meeting set-ups, stuffing envelopes, repairing equipment, editing newsletters, attending work committee meetings, leading study groups and representing the guild at outside organizations and activities.

Did you know that some of the money the guild receives from grants is predicated on the volunteer work of members?  Please take a moment to log your volunteer hours…….

When visiting the guild office, volunteer hours can be entered into the “Volunteer Log Book” kept at receptionist’s desk.  You can also enter them from the comfort of your home by visiting the guild’s web site  at www.WeaversGuildMN.org – near the top of the home page, select the tab titled “Get Involved”, and then the menu item “Volunteer”. http://www.weaversguildmn.org/get-involved/volunteer

Please take a moment to update your volunteer hours so that we can be eligible for needed grants. Any hours worked since Sept 1, 2011, but not yet logged should be entered.

Members who log their volunteer hours by May 5 will be eligible to win prizes to be awarded at the Volunteer Potluck Meeting on May 10.

Questions?  Please contact Steve Pauling, Volunteer Coordinator steve[at]BobbinDoctor.com

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