WGM Workshops are intensive, short term, (typically 2-5 days) learning opportunities lead by national or internationally-recognized instructors. WGM typically offers 3-5 workshops each year, depending on teacher and classroom availability.

Workshops may have one or more of the following goals:
1. Provide an intensive experience on a specific technique
2. Introduce new concepts or techniques
3. Complement classes offered by WGM faculty
4. Challenge participants to explore new fibers, techniques or structures

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Questions about workshops? Please contact education@weaversguildmn.org.

Upcoming Workshops

April 2018: Cross Dyeing with Catharine Ellis

“Cross dyeing: A method of coloring fabrics made from more than one kind of fiber. Each fiber in a fabric designed for cross-dyeing takes a specific dye in a different color or in variations of a color.”   –The Fabric Dictionary

The content of this workshop will include designing and weaving cloth that combines both protein fibers (wool or silk) and cellulose (cotton or Tencel™) in the same cloth. We will use both woven shibori and additional mechanical resists, accentuating the cross dye effects. Dyeing will be done using natural dyes in a one-bath acid dye process. Additionally, we will produce, use, and maintain an organic indigo vat. The one bath acid dyes, combined with indigo, provide a full range of color without the use of mineral mordants. Participants will be encouraged to weave and dye a series of samples. A finished scarf can also be completed during the workshop, if desired.

Dates: Friday, Saturday and Sunday, April 20, 21 & 22, 2018
Time(s): 9:30am – 4:30pm

June 2018: Tablet Weaving Basics and Beyond with John Mullarkey

This workshop is an in-depth review of how to weave with tablets or cards. Starting with a basic history, day one will cover drafting and designing threaded-in designs, setup, and basic weaving and finishing techniques. Day two introduces the circular warp setup, discusses weaving with individual cards in packs, and instructs on double-turn double-card diagonals. Day three explores double-faced weaving techniques. This workshop is great for those looking for an in-depth look at basic and intermediate level tablet weaving techniques and mechanics. No tablet weaving experience required, but this is also a great workshop for those with experience who want to look deeper into this art.

Dates: Friday, Saturday & Sunday, June 15, 16 & 17, 2018
Time(s): 9:30am – 4:30pm