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Textile Center Pat O’Connor Library

Textile Center’s collection includes more than 27,000 textile books, magazines and publications. Library materials are available for checkout to Textile Center members and those Member Organizations who participate in library membership.

You can search Textile Center Pat O’Connor Library Catalog from any Internet-connected computer. Search for books, check to see when your books are due and explore the collection online.

To find out more about the library and its upcoming events, visit

WGM Reference Library

Find books and magazines to inspire or a how-to book for your next project:

  • WGM has many rare and current books focused on weaving and spinning.
  • Non-circulating books, located in the large classroom, are for reference use only.
  • Circulating copies of WGM books and magazines can be checked out through the Textile Center Library.
  • A large collection of magazines, including Handwoven, Spin-Off, and VÄV, are housed in the spinning room.
  • Recent issues of Handwoven & Spin-Off magazine are available for purchase in the WGM office.
  • Some used and duplicate copies of the books and magazines are available for purchase in the WGM office and Textile Center Library.

Swatch Archives

The Swatch Archives is a collection of woven samples by WGM weavers. The collection is an excellent resource for students and members, who access it for project inspiration. It also spans several decades of the guild’s existence, reflecting the history of weaving. The structures, materials, and the colors of the swatches reflect a moment in time and place.

Each swatch is attached to a weaving draft, and the swatches are organized by weave structure.  Any one can access the swatches, but they may not leave WGM. The collection is stored in WGM’s spinning classroom.