Board of Directors
WGM is a 501c3 nonprofit member organization and is governed by a member-elected board of directors. Board of directors are responsible for the management of the business and affairs of the organization. Board of directors must supervise and govern the charity’s efforts in carrying out its mission. Directors owe a fiduciary duty to the nonprofit to act in good faith, with care, loyalty, obedience, and honesty in fact, and in the best interests of the organization. At WGM we take this responsibility seriously and are governed by a committed board of directors in compliance with charity guidelines set forth by the State of Minnesota Attorney General’s Office. WGM follows its most recently adopted WGM By-Laws.

WGM Board of Directors Members, 2016-2017
(through August 31, 2017)

Susan Larson-Fleming, President
Susan Larson-Fleming is an archivist currently working at the Hennepin History Museum. She has also worked in the Creative Activities Building at the Minnesota State Fair for many years. Susan was on the staff of The Weavers Journal when it was published in Saint Paul by Karen Searle and Suzanne Baizerman. Susan’s MA in Library Science is from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. She completed her written exams for a PhD in Design History from the University of Minnesota. She also studied Swedish and Scandinavian literature and art at the University of Minnesota and the University of Wisconsin. She is one of the founders of Svenska Skolan, a Swedish language school for children, still operating at the American Swedish Institute. A long time member of the Guild, Susan weaves and crochets.

vacant, President Elect

Peter Withoff, Past President
Peter Withoff has lived in Minnesota his entire life. After graduating from college with a double major in math and accounting, he worked as a CPA for two years before going back to law school. After completing law school, he has spent his entire career as a tax attorney in Minneapolis. Peter discovered weaving a little over ten years ago, but he has no aspirations of ever becoming a fiber artist. He is happy making rag rugs from recycled blue jeans and bed sheets, and also enjoys making hand towels with new and interesting weaving patterns and colors. Peter enjoys gardening in the summer and needle crafts in the winter. But if he really wants to have a good time, he goes to his workshop attached to the garage and works on his wood lathe, mostly making mounds of chips and sawdust from trees harvested at his hunting land in northern Minnesota. Peter previously served as a new member representative on the WGM board.

Nancy Gossell, Treasurer
Ms. Gossell owns a consulting firm which offers consulting services in the primary areas of employment law, human resource practice, board governance and practice. She was also Vice President VP Thrivent/Aid Association for Lutherans from 1998 – 2001 . She also managed human resources matters for LarsonAllen and Target Corporation. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Luther College and a JD from University of Minnesota Law School.

Jan Hayman, Secretary
Jan Hayman is a weaver and educator with degrees in French and Botany from the University of Michigan and Science Education from the University of Minnesota. Recently retired, Jan taught natural history and sustainable landscaping in her position as naturalist and land manager at Maplewood Nature Center. A longtime weaver, Jan enjoys exploring the possibilities of color and pattern on her drawloom. Other interests include natural dyeing, gardening with natives, and hiking Minnesota’s wild places. The Weavers Guild is like a second home for Jan. There’s always something interesting going on and someone happy to share their projects and experience. She has volunteered in many capacities for WGM: as board secretary, as Education chair and has served on several committees.

Maddy Bartsch
Maddy is a fiber artist who finds herself involved with every step of the fiber process and has a specialized focus on local fiber systems. After graduating from the University of Minnesota with a BFA and minor in fashion studies, Maddy finds most of her time split between the local fiber mill, Rach-Al-Paca in Hastings, and at Gale Woods Farm where she works as a fiber processor and teacher in natural dyes and fiber arts. She is on the board of directors for the Three Rivers Fibershed, an affiliate branch of the non-profit Fibershed, which is working to create connections throughout local fiber communities. Maddy teaches a variety of classes at the Textile Center of MN and assists with spinning classes at the Weavers Guild of Minnesota. She is particularly concerned with the ethical aspects of animal, earth, and human treatment that comes with the textile/fashion industry. Her artwork focuses on how visual arts can be a vessel to create conversation and change through narrative.

Robert Bulthuis
Bob Bulthuis lives in Hopkins, Minnesota. He was born in Minneapolis and has lived most of his life in the Twin Cities. He is a new weaver with 4 years weaving experience. He also spins and felts. He is a Human Resources Generalist in Public Education field. He has been a public employee for 25 years. Bob has other passions including raising orchids, genealogy, travel, studying languages and cooking. He is a past president of the Orchid Society of Minnesota and has served on their board of directors for over a decade. He vacations regularly in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and volunteers as a docent at the Vallarta Botanical Gardens.

Melba Granlund
Melba Granlund is a Swedish folk artist and educator who enjoys weaving, felting, nålbinding, wire jewelry making, spinning, knitting, sewing, embroidery and natural dyeing. Melba enjoys traveling and studying the historical aspects of Scandinavian textiles and handcrafts. As a life-long learner, she has received instruction from masters of these handcrafts in the U.S. as well as in Sweden, Norway and Finland. Melba strives to keep Scandinavian folk art traditions alive by teaching and sharing what she has learned with both adults and children through various fiber art classes at the Weavers Guild, the Textile Center, and other venues. Melba is a former paralegal, having worked in private practice, the court system, and in public service for over 50 years. She is also a musician and has served as choir director, organist and pianist in churches in rural and urban Minnesota. An avid gardener, she tends gardens at home in Minneapolis and at the family farm in Todd County where she has a vegetable and dye garden. She also enjoys cooking and baking, and during the holiday season makes hundreds of lefse and Scandinavian cookies for family and friends. She also teaches lefse, cracker and flatbread baking classes. Recently retired, Melba now serves on the WGM Board of Directors and is co-chair of the Volunteer and Outreach Committee. She is a member of the Scandinavian weavers study group and a contributor to the Norwegian Textile Letter.

Doreen Hartzell
Doreen Hartzell is a Minneapolis based fiber artist and instructor. She graduated from Carleton College with BA in Biology and German Literature. She studied the history and philosophy of science as a Fulbright Scholar in Munich at the Deutsches Museum and LMU. Inspired by her studies, Doreen’s fiber art includes a heavy focus on working with locally raised, heritage breed wools. She also explores combining natural and unnatural elements to explore how we characterize those terms. She originally came into the Weaver’s Guild of MN as a student, drawn by a visiting spinning workshop. She loves sharing the potential of hand-making with her students and donating time to demonstrate hand spinning on behalf of the guild to give others the power to create.

Robyn Husebye

Robbie LaFleur
Robbie LaFleur is a Minneapolis weaver, editor, and writer. She has a BA in Scandinavian Studies and an MA in Library Science, both from the University of Minnesota.  As the former director of the Minnesota Legislative Reference Library, she spent 29 years serving the Legislature, including the organization, promotion, and digitization of Minnesota state documents.  Robbie weaves primarily contemporary textiles inspired by Norwegian coverlets and tapestries, and was awarded the Vesterheim Gold Medal in weaving in 2006. She coordinates the Weavers Guild of Minnesota Scandinavian Weavers Study Group, publishes the quarterly Norwegian Textile Letter, and is the copy editor of the American Tapestry Alliance publication, Tapestry Topics. As the current Communications Committee co-chair, she is committed to building connections by sharing the stories and accomplishments of talented WGM members.

Becka Rahn
Becka Rahn is a full-time artist and teacher who works in hand-dyeing and digital surface design. She has received grant awards from the MN State Arts Board and Jerome Foundation for her work and is the author of two art and design books. She serves as the state rep to the Surface Design Association and was a 2016 member of the Etsy Sellers Advisory Board. She worked for 12 years as the director of education at the Textile Center and holds a degree in K-12 education.

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