Board of Directors
WGM is a 501c3 nonprofit member organization and is governed by a member-elected board of directors. Board of directors are responsible for the management of the business and affairs of the organization. Board of directors must supervise and govern the charity’s efforts in carrying out its mission. Directors owe a fiduciary duty to the nonprofit to act in good faith, with care, loyalty, obedience, and honesty in fact, and in the best interests of the organization. At WGM we take this responsibility seriously and are governed by a committed board of directors in compliance with charity guidelines set forth by the State of Minnesota Attorney General’s Office.

*Note from the Board of Directors Executive Committee (1/30/17): “Caprice Vanderkolk, President of the WGM Board informed the Board of her resignation effective January 25, 2017. President Elect Susan Larson-Fleming assumed leadership at the WGM Board meeting Thursday, January 26, 2017. The Board, on behalf of all WGM members, thanks Caprice for her dedicated time spent in leadership positions as President Elect and as President.”

Board of Directors 2016-2017

  • vacant, President 
  • Susan Larson-Fleming, President Elect
  • Peter Withoff, Past President
  • Nancy Gossell, Treasurer
  • Jan Hayman, Secretary
  • Maddy Bartsch
  • Robert Bulthuis
  • Melba Granlund
  • Doreen Hartzell
  • Robyn Husebye
  • Robbie LaFleur
  • Becka Rahn


Annual Report

WGM 2020: Five Year Strategic Plan